Zach Vaughn
Attorney At Law

An experienced attorney in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

At Vaughn Law Office, you can depend on Zach to listen to your issues and give you the options available, whether you have questions related to criminal matters, divorce, child custody, or a civil suit such as a car wreck.  Zach has been practicing law since 2005, and there is not much in these fields that he has not seen.  If you or a loved one has been arrested or indicted, has a divorce, child custody matter, or has been hurt then give him a call at (601) 545-8142 and set up an appointment to see if he is the right fit for you.


What clients say

“Zach represented me on a DUI and I could not of asked for more. My job depended on me not
having a conviction and he came through. Hopefully I will never need an attorney again, but if I
do I am hiring Zach.”

Carrington H.

“I hired Zach after wasting my money on two other attorneys. Within a month he had restored
visitation with my children.”

Cassandra W.

“My previous attorney would rarely return a call and never seemed to be in the office. Anytime I
called Zach’s office he took the call, or responded within a day or two.”

Lisa B.