Child Custody and Divorces

Statistics show that divorces are at an all-time high, and that is unfortunate.  With divorce comes a whole new set of issues and problems.  What will happen to my children, who will get the house, how much child support will I have to pay, am I entitled to alimony, do I really need a divorce attorney?  All these are questions that arise in a divorce.  The answer is simple, “it depends.” 

Very little in the law is “yes” or “no”.  You can ask 3 judges or lawyers the same question, and get 4 different answers.  The reason is because each case is different.  Your friend may have received alimony, but that is because she gave up a successful career to stay at home with the children. Your brother may have been forced to sell the house, but that is because neither could afford to keep it. Your co-worker may be receiving 14% of her ex-husband’s pay, and you are only receiving 10%, but that is because your co-worker’s ex makes more than $100,000.00.

The best interest of the child trumps everything in a divorce and child custody matter.  The typical mother or father has a genuine love for their child and wants the best for him or her.  Unfortunately, many children get caught in the middle of a divorce and custody fight. 

Custody and divorce law is difficult both emotionally and from the legal standpoint.  To ensure your rights are protected you need experience and knowledge in your corner.  You need a lawyer that is knowledgeable of both the law, but also of what to expect from the Court, the opposing side, DHS, and any other government body.  In essence, you need to consider contacting Zach Vaughn to discuss your custody or divorce matters. 

Whether you are the one initiating the divorce, or responding to the child custody complaint you need knowledge and experience on your side. 

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