Criminal Law

The thought of prison is not pleasant.  To have a loved one in jail awaiting trial is worrisome to say the least.  To have a son or daughter addicted to drugs is heartbreaking.  These are unfortunately real problems, and when you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge, you need to have confidence in your attorney. 

Zach has been practicing law since 2005.  He has served as a prosecutor at the felony and misdemeanor levels, as a public defender, and even a Justice Court Judge.  In essence, he is one of the few in the area to have seen cases from all sides.  Zach has won cases and lost cases, but he has learned something each time he enters the courtroom. 

Just because there was an arrest does not mean there will be an indictment.  Just because there was an indictment does not mean you are guilty.  Just because you are guilty does not mean prison awaits you.  Most importantly, just because you are innocent does not mean you will be found “not guilty.”  This is reality, and though we have a great justice system, it is by all means far from perfect.  Being accused of a crime is serious.  Getting found guilty is life changing, not just for you but for your loved ones.

Before you settle for the public defender, or the attorney that simply charged the least, or the attorney that promises you that “you’ll walk on the charge”, ask the attorney if you get a refund if they don’t deliver; then give Zach a call at (601) 545-8142.