First of all I want to thank you for your interest in learning about me.  I have been a practicing attorney since 2004 when I graduated from the Mississippi College School of Law.  After law school I had enough common sense to know that even though I had a law degree and had passed the Mississippi Bar exam, I still did not know how to practice law.  I also knew I wanted to do two things; learn how to practice law and prosecute.  I just had the feeling that if I could become a successful prosecutor, then I could also learn how to truly practice law.

Therefore, I decided to take the Arkansas Bar and move my family to Monticello, Arkansas and work for Thomas Deen, the Prosecuting Attorney of the 10th District.  I knew Thomas would be the type of attorney I could learn from.  He defeated the incumbent Prosecuting Attorney, and vigorously prosecuted those who were guilty of hurting children and habitual offenders.  He was not afraid to take down those with political connections, and even prosecuted a few politicians.  In the end, and after 5 years of boots on the ground experience, 150 + jury trials ranging from capital murder, drug trafficking, rape, and kidnapping all the way down to shoplifting I felt I had finally learned how to practice law which is something they do not teach in law school.

After working in Arkansas for a little over 5 years, I had decided to move my family back closer to home.  So I began looking for a career back in Mississippi.  In the end I was fortunate to get hired as an Assistant District Attorney for the 12th Judicial District (Forrest & Perry Counties).  I worked in this position for nearly 7 years where I once again was entrusted with the prosecution of those charged with an array of felonies. 

With about 12 years of trial experience under my belt, I began thinking about the future.  I wanted to change my life up a bit, so I resigned my position and went into private practice.  While in private practice I was fortunate enough to be hired by former mayor Hal Marx as the Municipal Prosecutor of Petal, but I also expanded my practice from criminal law to include domestic relations (divorces and child custody) as well as civil law suits and collections.  In 2018 I decided to run for the vacant position of Forrest County Justice Court Judge for Division 2.  In the end I was elected, and have been reelected twice since then, and it has been a pleasure to serve the people as a judge, a former prosecutor and private attorney.

I hope this brief biography has given you some insight into my experience and background.  I once heard the expression, “There is no substitute for experience.”  I fully agree.  The law can be taught in a classroom with books, but learning to practice law can only be taught by experience.  I have over 200 jury trials to my name, and I have experienced both victory and defeat.  I can honestly say I learn something every day as well as every time I go into the court room.  If you are looking for an experienced attorney, then contact me and I will be glad to speak with you about your case.